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In the collection Smeltkroes, the field of tension between different subcultures is investigated.
Carmen has done research on how subcultures influence each other and how this reflects on society.

What can we learn from each other? Which subculture enriches the other? What are the positives and negatives about the various subcultures and how can one express that to society through their clothing and fashion?

The dress-code of certain subcultures has been combined in the designs in order to visualize the differences and similarities as a new harmony. This provides the insight that a person can belong to different groups at the same time, and also gives the person wearing this a more human face. They no longer get the label we had in mind. We can no longer 'categorize' this person. We are forced to think less in stereotypes.



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Visual cultural anthropology is the inspiration for Stitching Stories. We all tell different stories through the way we dress. There are clear-cut differences but also similarities between different societies, which is expressed in clothing styles. The question that Stitching Stories seeks to ask is: what is the meaning and feeling behind the way we express ourselves in clothing and accessories?


Stitching Stories merges the stories of various subcultures in her designs.

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The collection is made from second-hand clothes. These clothes are deconstructed and reconstructed and later on merged together as one new piece. On top of that, the artworks of some of the garments are 'hacked' into original Stitching Stories artwork to put on the new pieces. All the new garments are made from secondhand clothes, in this way the whole collection is zero-waste; a new sustainable way of designing. 


Wat zie jij,

Bij 't voorbij gaan

De verschillen die

Onze werelden verrijken

Er zit meer achter deze blik,
Het is meer dan het lijkt 

Dit is tijdelijk en
Voor altijd tegelijk


En delen, De drang

Om toen te verbinden
Met t heden

We bewegen, en dragen 

Onze kleding als een verhaal


De rode draad,

Niet wat ik draag

waar ik voor sta

Is vandaag,

Niet wat t gister was


Onze verhalen zijn als water

Vloeiend, ongedefinieerd

Verbonden door de basis

Geven en nemen


Beetje bij beetje

Delen van onze cultuur
En creëren

Nieuwe paden

Nieuwe verhalen

What do you see, 

When passing by

The differences that 

enrich our worlds

There is more behind this look

It's way more than it seems

This is temporary and 

forever at the same time


And sharing, The urge

to connect the past

with the present

We move and carry

Our clothes as a story


The common thread, 

not what I wear

what I stand for

is today, 

not what it was yesterday


Our stories are like water

Flowing, undefined

Connected by the base

Give and take


Little by little

Sharing our culture

and creating

New paths

New stories